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Trades Bursary Program
Please note: we are no longer accepting applications for the Trade Bursary program on this site.  Please go to ConocoPhillips Canada
 to submit an application for the Trade Bursary program.  If you have any questions please contact DeAnne Healy (  Thank you. 

Aboriginal Awards

About ConocoPhillips Canada

ConocoPhillips is one of the world’s largest independent Exploration and Production companies based on proved reserves and production of liquids and natural gas. Across our 27 countries of operations, over 19,100 men and women work in a truly integrated way to find and produce oil and natural gas. In Canada, we can trace our history back over 100 years. Our story demonstrates our commitment to the community, our innovative approach to technology, our relentless focus on safe and responsible development, and our adaptability during the changes faced by our industry. As one of the country’s leading natural gas and in-situ producers, we are well positioned to help meet growing energy demands.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, we have a world-class portfolio including assets in western Canada, the Canadian Arctic, Atlantic Canada and oil sands interests near Fort McMurray, Alberta. For more information about ConocoPhillips Canada visit

ConocoPhillips Canada Awards

We think the best way to prepare a community for the future is to equip its youth with practical skills to help them achieve their full potential. That’s why nearly half of our annual contributions are directed toward education and youth programs, such as the Aboriginal Awards Program and the Trades Bursary Program.
To apply for these award programs, you must first register using the sign in at the top of this page. Once you register:
  • Select the program(s) you would like to apply for. Please note these are separate awards programs, so be sure to select the correct one.
  • Complete the required forms for each program you have selected. The list of required materials for each program is provided. Completed forms can be saved to your profile, so you don’t need to finish the application in one sitting.
  • Submit your completed application. You will receive a confirmation email.
More information about these award programs is provided below.

Aboriginal Awards Program

The Aboriginal Awards Program has been developed to provide financial assistance to Aboriginal students pursuing high school upgrading and post-secondary education. Awards of up to $3,000 are granted on a yearly basis and may be used to cover portions of tuition, books or living expenses.

The award amounts are granted on an annual basis and students are required to re-apply each year for continued funding. The deadline for the Aboriginal Awards Program is June 30 for the following school year.

To be eligible for the Aboriginal Awards Program, you must meet the following criteria:
  1. You are of Aboriginal ancestry
  2. You are a Canadian citizen
  3. You are enrolled in a full-time program at an accredited Canadian institution
  4. You demonstrate promising academic qualifications and leadership skills
  5. You require financial assistance to pursue education

We thank you in advance for your application, only successful applicants will be notified in July and August. If you did not recieve an award this year we strongly encourage you to re-apply for the following school year.

Trades Bursary Program

Each year, the ConocoPhillips Canada Trade Bursary Program awards up to ten trades students with C$2,500 for tuition, books and living expenses. To fulfill the requirements of the bursary, award recipients must submit receipts to ConocoPhillips immediately following payment of eligible expenses. Upon course completion, the recipients will be asked to provide a final letter to ConocoPhillips outlining their experience and progress. If, for any reason, there is a refund of tuition resulting from the discontinuation of studies, the portion funded by ConocoPhillips must be returned.

To be eligible for the Trades Bursary Program, you must meet the following criteria:
  1. You are a high school graduate (18 years of age and over) and have attended a school located in an area where ConocoPhillips Canada operates
  2. You must be pursuing a trades program
Please note that preference will be given to students pursuing programs related to the oil and gas industry. The bursary is awarded for a one-year term and ConocoPhillips is not obligated to provide continued funding. As a part of your application, you must provide proof of acceptance to a trades program in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or the Northwest Territories.